UK vs. Florida International – Preview

Posted by ibleedblue040 on December 31, 2007

Like I said in my previous basketball preview, this year appears to be a major rebuilding year for the Wildcats. With only a few real talents on the team coach Gillispie is trying to find a way to get his star players the ball in unique ways but has failed to start off the year. UK ranks last in the SEC in ppg, rebounds pg, and lead the SEC in turnovers pg. So how do you solve this problem? Well for starters the upperclassmen, who are supposed to be leaders, need to buy into Gillispie’s system and way of thinking. They need to squash their ego’s and become team players. If Joe Crawford just played team ball we would be alright.

To get back to the game against FIU, the player that Kentucky needs to key on is Alex Galindo. Some of you might remember Galindo from the Kansas teams a couple years back. Galindo is a Junior for the Golden Panthers. He is a transfer from Kansas University and by watching his game you can tell why they recruited him. Galindo has a rare combination of scoring and rebounding from the Small Forward position. Although he is only 6’6″, Galindo leads the Golden Panthers in rebounding with just over 6 pg, he also is second on the team in scoring with a 12.9 pg average.

I stated in my last basketball preview that if Kentucky contains the star player from these mediocre teams they will have an easy time winning. We saw against San Diego that they could not contain Brandon Johnson and he won the game for San Diego. If Galindo is off set Kentucky will embarass FIU but I really don’t see that happening so I have the ‘Cats only winning by 5. My final score is 70-65 Kentucky pulls this one out by a hair and I think Pat Patterson has another phenomenal game with 21 pts and 7 boards.


Dec. 31 vs Florida International

12:00 pm EST


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