UK vs. Florida St. – Post Game, MCB Champs

Posted by ibleedblue040 on January 1, 2008

Well the ‘Cats sure made Big Blue fans sweat this one out. When Kentucky took a 28-14 lead on Stevie Johnson’s second TD score most Wildcat fans took a sigh of relief and thought the game was over. Well the Seminoles never stopped coming and they made the most of their oppurtunities down the stretch. Kentucky pulled it out 35-28 but left many Kentucky followers scratching their heads wondering why the Wildcats didn’t blow FSU out of the water. It was talked about the entire game by the announcers and the whole week leading up to the game that Florida St. had 36 players missing and UK established the run against the tired front seven.

Some notes from the game: The ‘Cats play calling? Some of the playing calling completely baffled me and I’m sure it did the same for you. Many times in the game the Wildcats tried to run the ball out of third and longs even though Andre’ Woodson was beating the opponent down the field the entire game. Woodson finished the game with 358 yards passing and four scores but Offenisive Coordinator Joker Phillips was still slow to allow AW to put the game into his hands.

Another note from the game is how bad the referees were. Probably the worst officiating crew I have ever seen. Both teams have a right to complain about the referees. Florida State had a touchdown taken away by an offensive pass interference call that looked suspect at best and Kentucky had many little calls that were or were not called. Weatherford threw a 25 yard pass play into the redzone on a play in which it is clear the Kentucky Defensive Lineman was held as he was trying to get to the Quarterback. Even the announcers were quick to question the crew’s calls.

I want to congratulate the Kentucky Wildcats on winning the 2007 Music City Bowl. They have won two consecutive bowl games for the first time since ’51-’52. Although Florida State was short handed I think people under-estimated the Seminoles chances in this game. I said in the UK/FSU Preview that I thought the game would be closer than advertised and I have no problem saying that I was right. As you saw, FSU did not miss a beat on the offensive end and did better than most people expected them to do on the defensive end. To hold the Kentucky Wildcats under their scoring average while missing all the players they were missing is incredible. I also want to send out a huge congrats to Kentucky Head Coach Rich Brooks. A lot of people, including me, were criticle of Mitch Barnhart when he gave Brooks a contract extension but I must say it has worked out perfectly.


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