Varnado with the foul… I mean block

Posted by ibleedblue040 on January 17, 2008

It’s all over the message boards, ‘Varnado got away with 4-5 foul calls on his so called blocks’, the officials were terrible against Mississippi State last night in Starksville. There are many theories as to why they were so terrible, was there bias from the crew?, home court advantage?, reputation? Here are my thoughts on each theory:

Crew Bias

I think this is a definite possibility; A member on stated that he used to referee D-II with Doug Shows, one of the officials from the game, and he said Shows used to carry around an Arkansas bag to put his stuff in. Right off the bat folks that should tip you off that this guy is biased. I am not going to lie, if I were a ref and I was doing the UK vs. Duke game there is a good chance Kentucky would get alot of the calls. Secondly, the poster said Shows used to make fun of the ‘Cats, knowing this guy was a Wildcats fan, because he did not like Kentucky at all. Here is exactly what the poster wrote in his comment to a thread : I used to ref with Shows in division 2 ball back in the 90’s he would carry his shoes in a Arkansas bag..He hates Kentucky..We used to joke about it…Then he made it to the SEC….He has had the Arkansas Kentucky game several times…Pretty sad that Gerald Beudreax and Mike Slive would let this go on…...

Home Court Advantage

This one I am not as verbally upset about because everyone knows every team has the home court advantage, I definitely notice it at Rupp, especially when we play mid-majors and other lower teams. The crowd did not seem to dictate the whistles so I really do not have much to say about this one.


OK folks here is the one that I am most upset about. I feel as though this is the reason UK potentially was cheated out of the game. Jarvis Varnado came into the UK game with the reputation of being a game changing shot blocker, no doubt about it, he lead the nation in blocks coming in and everyone knew he was a force, and that includes the officials. Everyone that watched the game saw how clearly Varnado got pure arm on at least half of his blocks and should have been whistled for it. In my honest opinion I think Varnado got the clear benifit of the doubt when it came to hacking people. Some of you might be saying ‘Well there are many players in the college game that get the benifit when it comes to traveling and palming’, well one player that I notice that in is Tyler Hansbrough but to be honest I almost expect him to get the non traveling call because he is a 2-time all-american and was ACC player of the year last season. What has Varnado done up to this point? It’s not like the Hansbrough scenario because this guy was relatively unheard of before SEC play and I definetely do NOT think he has ‘earned’ the right to smack people on their arms and body. Varnado changed the entire tempo and style of the game with his ‘blocks’ and had he been called on a couple early foul calls he would have been a non-factor and I see no reason to believe MSU still would have won.

The last thing I have to say is that even though the referees were atrocious Kentucky still should have been able to adjust to the way the refs were calling the game and played accordingly. How on earth JaMont Gordon was able to basically walk into the lane without anybody getting in front of him is beside me.


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