UK vs. UT – 1st Half Thoughts

Posted by ibleedblue040 on January 22, 2008

  • Game about to start, GO CATS!!
  • Hey would you look at that, ESPN jabbing our record and play!
  • Crowd all blue baby…
  • Already a foul on Coury 10 seconds in
  • Chism for 3, good d Coury (Not)
  • How does Harris miss a dunk????
  • Cummon Harris box out!
  • Jasper in the game with 17:02 to play in half
  • Our offense is stalling here already, playing pretty good defense IMO
  • Somebody come back and get the ball!…
  • Meeks enters the game with 14:32 to play in the half
  • Tennessee is commiting fouls left and right……….
  • Nice play fellas!…
  • Jasper has improved his shooting soooo much from last season
  • Crawford has been out for a while now, Meeks came in for him….
  • I think we are breaking the press pretty nicely, only turned it over once off the press
  • 2 fouls on Crawford with still 8:44 left in the half
  • We are NOT getting back quick enough!! BCG will be on their butts at HT……………
  • Patterson helps us out alot by him being such a good foul shooter, they can’t do the hack-a-pat against him
  • Tennessee is really helping us out with bad shots and stupid fouls
  • What a feed by PPatt!!……..
  • How can Stevenson miss soooo badly after hitting the first four???
  • Does anyone on UK know that Chris Lofton can shoot??
  • I don’t know about the intentional foul call…………….
  • AHH gotta get out on Lofton! Meeks was on him but gotta get closer!….

Playing pretty good so far, just have to get out on their perimeter shooters, especially Chris Lofton.


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