Most Efficient Players?

Posted by ibleedblue040 on February 2, 2008

All over the Internet there are hundreds of die-hard Kentucky Wildcat fans that can not believe Mark Coury plays 20 minutes per game and then there are people who are screaming at anyone who will listen “WHY ISN’T GILLISPIE PLAYING AJ STEWART!!??”. Everyone has an argument as to what players UK should put on the floor because they do better when they are in than others.

I have created a formula to show exactly who does better in their time in the game and who would perform the best if they were to play a full game. I add (PPG+RPG+APG+SPG+BPG)-(T/O PG+ Missed 2’s PG+ Missed 3’s PG+Missed FT’s PG) to show how efficient a player is during his time on the court, to calculate how efficient a player is per 40 minutes I do the same thing except I add together the per 40 minutes averages for each player.Now we can really settle the debate as to whether Michael Porter really is the worst player on the team or if Ramel Bradley is the best. Below I will talk about a few of the players that might surprise some people and where they rank among team leaders in each category.

AJ Stewart 

According to my calculations Patrick Patterson is the most efficient player on the Wildcat roster and Mike Williams is the least. Surprisingly AJ Stewart actually is more efficient per 40 minutes (24.44 EP40*) than Everyone on the team aside from Patrick Patterson (36.71 EP40), Joe Crawford (35.29 EP40), Ramel Bradley (34.12 EP40) & Jodie Meeks (31.28 EP40). Stewart plays more efficient per 40 minutes than Derrick Jasper, Mark Coury, Ramon Harris & Perry Stevenson yet he plays less minutes than all four of them. Stewart ranks in the top 5 in every category per 40 minutes except in assists and steals. He even ranks 5th in Points per 40 minutes.

Michael Porter

Porter’s minutes have gradually decreased through out the season and many UK fans, including myself do not really mind it. When Porter is in the game he seems to turn the ball over, make defensive errors and will not make many shots. When I reviewed the efficiency ratings I noticed that I had been right about Porter all along, there are some that believe he is geniunely good at the game but the majority of us were right about him. Porter is in the bottom 4 in almost every category, he does rank 1st in steals per 40 minutes but he averages 4 turnovers per 40 minutes and only averages 3.6 AP40 (Assists per 40 minutes). The bottom line is that he does not produce enough stats in the right areas to be a reliable Point Guard down the stretch and Gillispie should give him playing time that reflects that.

Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson has already been crowned the most surprising player on the team this season. The Freshman is top 3 on the team in minutes, points, rebounds, blocks & steals and ranks 4th in assists, he also is the most efficient player on the Wildcat roster. Patterson almost 20 points per 40 minutes (PP40) and averages 9 rebounds per 40 minutes (RP40). The thing is that Patterson would really help the club by playing a few more minutes a game because he would get you another couple buckets and a few more boards and that can really benifit a team in a close game down the stretch of the season. Patterson’s 36.71 EP40 rating is phenomenal and ranks close to the top in the nation. This rating system allows people to compare two or more players from different teams and see who is the more efficient player and who helps the team more when they are out there or if they were to play the full game.

Player Efficiency per game*** Efficiency per 40 min.****
Patrick Patterson 32.399 36.71274788
Joe Crawford 27.971 35.29463722
Ramel Bradley 28.061 34.11671733
Jodie Meeks 20.564 31.27604563
Perry Stevenson 11.365 22.61691542
Ramon Harris 10.064 19.63707317
Derrick Jasper 14.4 21.81818182
AJ Stewart 7.272 24.44369748
Mark Coury 7.694 22.30144928
Michael Porter 6.593 14.81573034
Jared Carter 2.715 18.40677966
Mike Williams 2.4 16

I didn’t know how to just post a link to the excel document so here is the compressed version. As you can see Patterson is the most efficient player and Mike Williams is the least efficient. 

Other Formulas

I will be using the EP40 formula on a few of the other best players in the nation and I will compare them to the UK players to see how they stack up and rank against the nation’s elite. I also plan to gather information such as:

  •  What lineup scores the most points per game
  •  Which lineup scores the most points per possession
  •  Which lineup out-scores the opponent the most

2 Responses to “Most Efficient Players?”

  1. john said

    this is a great idea. how did you think of doing this? i want to see the way other teams best compare to our best when you get it..

    good work!
    thanks for the nice info!

  2. I am currently comparing each team’s possessions per game to get a better look at what percentage of our possessions we score on. Currently I have found out that we have more Possessions per game (PoPG) than Georgetown and Drake.

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