Top Freshmen?

Posted by ibleedblue040 on February 6, 2008

Who do you think the best freshman in the nation is? It is a question that can be debated for hours, every top player has a case as to why they should be considered the best. A better question would be which freshman has the most value to his team, or which is the most valuable. By using a simple formula (PTS+REBS+ASTS+STLS+BLKS-TOV-MissFG-MissFT) I have gathered which freshmen are the most valuable to their team. Think the formula will not accurately show the most valuable freshmen? Well Michael Beasley ranks as the most valuable followed by Kevin Love, those two are widely considered the best freshmen in the country bar none.

Player Name Value
Michael Beasley 585
Kevin Love 545
James Hardin 412
DeJuan Blair 406
JJ Hickson 386
Nick Calathes 384
Patrick Patterson 383
Eric Gordon 378
Blake Griffin 368
Matt Howard 363
Anthony Randolph 358
OJ Mayo 330
Kosta Koufos 328
Derrick Rose 304
Kyle Singler 302
Jerryd Bayless 299
Austin Freeman 214

A couple of interesting things that I noticed is first off how low Derrick Rose is. Rose, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 freshmen in the nation but he comes in 4th from the bottom amongst all of the top freshmen in the nation. I was also very surpised at how high James Hardin is ranked. He was not even in my original set of players and was added later and yet he comes in as the 3rd most valuable freshman in the nation. Feel free to comment on these statistics or to offer some more ways to show the top players visually.


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