UK @ Tennessee – Halftime Thoughts

Posted by ibleedblue040 on March 2, 2008

  •  Kentucky has made me very proud to be a ‘Cat fan so far by fighting back from the early deficit especially without Patrick Patterson. You can tell that we are not playing as in sync as usual but we are making it work despite not having the best freshman in the conference
  •  Kentucky NEEDS to hit free throws better in the second half. They are only 4/9 so far, we need to shoot better, some part of it is that the players that have shot them are terrible free throw shooters like Mark Coury & Derrick Jasper
  •  The refs are robbing Kentucky on numerous plays so far. Joe Crawford is getting leveled everytime he drives into the lane. Ramel Bradley got fouled on the last second three he took and the offensive foul call on him was phantom as well
  •  UK must cut down the turnovers as well, the ‘Cats have turned the ball over 9 times already, Tennessee has only turned it over 4 times
  •  Kentucky is playing pretty efficient despite the turnovers. At one point UK had scored on 10 of 13 possessions, we need to keep hitting shots or we will get blown out badly

 More to come in the second half, I still think UK looses by 20 or so though.


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