Kentucky Greats: #20, Sam Bowie

Posted by ibleedblue040 on March 6, 2008

Even though Sam Bowie is most known for being the guy who got picked over Michael Jordan he had a fantastic career at UK that some people forget. Bowie had the ability to finish with authority and was pretty much unstoppable when he got the ball in the paint. Bowie made a perfect duo for two years with Dirk Minnifield, the best true point guard in UK history, who was able to feed Bowie the ball with ease on his way to a school record assists mark that still stands 20 years later and for one year he teamed up with Melvin Turpin to form what was known as the “Twin Towers”. Bowie is the only player in UK history that ranks in the top 30 in career scoring, top 10 in career rebounds & top 10 in career blocks. If you are the only player in Kentucky history to do anything you are going to go down as one of the all-time greats as Bowie is, especially if you have a career record of 80-12 (87%) like Bowie does. Here are some of Bowie’s accomplishments:

  •  Bowie was a Parade All-American and McDonald’s All-American as a senior in high school in Lebanon, Pennsylvania
  •  Bowie ranks 28th all-time in UK history in scoring with 1285 career points
  •  Bowie is 3rd all-time in points by a freshman with 440, he also had 276 rebounds as a freshman, good for 2nd all-time by a freshman behind only Chris Mills by 1 rebound
  •  He finished his UK career with 843 career rebounds, good for 8th all-time at Kentucky
  •  Bowie is 2nd all-time in blocks by a freshman with 73, trailing only Jamaal Magloire by 6
  •  Bowie is 3rd all-time in blocks at Kentucky with 218. He is #1 in blocks per game at Kentucky though.
  •  Bowie is also 17th on the all-time free throw attempts list with 434 in his Wildcat career

Bowie missed two basketball seasons after his sophmore year because of leg injuries that would plague him all the way through his short NBA career. That did not prevent him from catching half court alley oops from Dirk Minnifield like he did as a freshman and a sophmore. Bowie went on to become the #2 draft pick after the 1984 season, the pick right before Michael Jordan, one of the reasons Bowie is often thought of as overrated, though he was in the NBA because of his leg injuries that forced him into premature retirement.


2 Responses to “Kentucky Greats: #20, Sam Bowie”

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  2. Bryan said

    First Bill Walton, then Sam Bowie. Here’s a Blazer fan hoping that Greg Oden doesn’t follow these same footsteps.

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