Kentucky Greats: #17, Johnny Cox

Posted by ibleedblue040 on March 17, 2008

Not many people that do not follow Kentucky Basketball very carefully will even know who Johnny Cox is, let alone rattle off his name when talking about the best players in UK basketball history, most likely he would not even be in the discussion to be honest. You see, Johnny Cox played 3 years at Kentucky beginning in the 1956-57 season and was an instant hit amongst the fans and made an immediate impact on the team as well. Cox was born and raised in Hazard, Kentucky, one reason why he was beloved by the Cat fans was because of his rural Kentucky upbringing, the type of upbringing that made up the majority of the fan base at Kentucky. Cox was just like the average fan in Kentucky, except he could play, he could play very very well. Cox is one of only 5 players in Kentucky history to make the First Team All-SEC 3 times in his playing career, he is on the list with some of the all-time greats including Dan Issel, Kenny Walker, Kevin Grevey & Kyle Macy. Those are four players that will be higher on this list so that right there shows you how great Johnny Cox was because just to be in the conversation with those players is quite an achievement. Not to mention that Cox ranks in the top 20 in: career points, career rebounds, career free throw attempts, career free throws made, career field goals attempted & field goals made, he is one of only about 10 players to rank in the top 20 in all of those categories. Here are some of Johnny Cox’s top achievements:

  •  Johnny Cox ranks 18th on the all-time scoring list at Kentucky with 1461 career points
  •  Johnny Cox  is 4th on the all-time rebounds list at UK with 1004 career rebounds
  •  He made 333 free throws in his career at UK and attempted the 14th most free throws by attempting 441
  •  He made 564 field goals which is the 19th most in school history and attempted the 9th most field goals by attempting 1425 shots
  •  As a sophomore at Kentucky Cox made the First Team All-SEC team along with the All-NCAA Regional Team in the NCAA Tournament and Third Team All-American as well
  •  As a junior at UK Johnny Cox did even better by making the All-NCAA Regional Team, First Team All-SEC & the All-NCAA Final Four Team
  •  In his final season at Kentucky as a senior Cox compiled even more accolades by making yet again another First Team All-SEC Team (His 3rd consecutive time on the team), First Team All-American & the All-NCAA Regional Team

Johnny Cox went on to have a less than stellar career in the National Basketball Association, he was drafted #37 overall in the 4th round by the New York Knicks and was traded to the Chicago Zephyrs. Cox goes down in many people’s mind as one of the top 10-20 players all-time and you can see by my ranking that I am one of those people. We will have #16 in the Kentucky Greats series unveiled on thursday.


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  1. Braxton Toy said

    You should know that is # was 24 not 17

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