Web Wednesday (Only recruiting): 4/30/08

Posted by ibleedblue040 on April 30, 2008

Recruiting Trail

  • Dominique Ferguson, a 6’9″ 200 lb. forward from Lawrence North (IN) HS in Indianapolis (Same school that produced Greg Oden and Mike Conley and where Stephen Van Treese, a 2009 prospect currently goes to school), committed to the Cats following an unofficial visit over spring break in which he met the coaches and players. Ferguson becomes the third recruit to sign with Kentucky in the 2010 class joining K.C. Ross-Miller, a point guard from Texas, and Dakota Euton, a forward from Kentucky.

Here are a couple links to find out some information on Dominique Ferguson:

  1.  Catspause article on Ferguson w/ quotes and updates
  2.  Ferguson’s Rivals page
  • Obviously the biggest news of the day was the signing of forward/center Josh Harrellson. Harrellson had been down to UK and Saint Louis before deciding to go to Kentucky, where he might get some starts at center with Patterson next to him at power forward.


  1.  Josh Harrellson podcast (2008-04-29_josh_harrellson_commitment.mp3) from, interview with Harrellson about UK (Before commitment)
  2.  Harrellson interview with Catspause’s Jeff Drummond after his commitment
  3.  Harrellson’s Rivals page
  • Chris Wright, the freshman from Dayton University, WILL NOT be transfering to UK or any other school it looks like. There was a rumor floating around the other day that he was looking to get out of Dayton and was a big UK fan growing up (Which was actually true.
  •  Another recruiting note is that Maurice Sutton, the FORMER UK target has been quoted as saying he is “Pretty much over them (UK)”, so it looks like he will not be coming. Personally I did not want him even before these comments because we already have one 6’10” rail thin forward in Perry Stevenson and no need for another. Some people might think I am holding a grudge against him but in my honest opinion I would not consider UK if I were him because he has been Plan C or D for some time now and it would be better for him to go to a school that really wants him.
  •  Yet another recruiting tid bit about a young high school player. Vinny Zollo (No not Vinnie), a freshman who is 6’8″ kid already, he lives in Ohio and doctors have told him he has a chance to grow to 7’0″ tall. He has a polished game and is getting some interest from some top schools such as UK, Tennessee, & West Virginia. Zollo appears to be a UK fan because he has attended Kentucky’s basketball camp since the 5th grade.


  1.  Zollo’s Rivals page
  2.  Catspause story on Zollo (From February)

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