Kentucky Greats; Greatest Team

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 2, 2008

Today I will be starting another series under the Kentucky Greats name. We have already determined the best player in UK history now we will find the best TEAM that we have ever had. But this time instead of me just listing the best teams in my opinion I will have a bracket style competition.

*The way the teams will be determined will be through polls. Each week I will put up a different decade ( i.e. ’40’s, ’50’s, etc.) and I will put up all the teams from that decade.

*Your job is to vote on the top 4 teams from each decade to determine who will make the bracket. Since that is only 28 teams [4 teams in 7 decades (40’s through 2000’s is 7) is 28 teams]

*After we do the poll for each decade I will allow you all to vote or send the blog or my e-mail comments on the 4 “wildcard” teams, the 4 other best teams in school history. Since there were more than 4 good teams in the 90’s that will probably be where most of the wildcards will come from.

* The way to determine the seeding will be by percentage of vote. If the 1996 UK teams get 87% of the votes from the ’90s poll then they will probably get the #1 overall seed.

* Each monday I will put up the new poll and discuss the one that just ended and talk about who made the bracket and what not. The polls will always close at 11:59 pm on each monday night. But I will start the 1940’s poll today since this is probably the least competitive of the decades.

* The poll will allow to choose as many options as you want but PLEASE ONLY SELECT FOUR AT THE MOST!!


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