Zollo to UK!

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 5, 2008

Marc Maggard is reporting that 6’8″ freshman Vinny Zollo has committed to the Cats! He was expected to visit today and commit sometime during the day and word is that he committed a little while ago. Zollo becomes the first player to commit to the Cats for the 2011 class and one of the first players in his class to commit anywhere. Zollo averaged 13 points and 9 rebounds per game last season to go along with 4 blocks.


3 Responses to “Zollo to UK!”

  1. Mark the Shark said

    No he’s not, it’s all lies!!!!!!!!! My sources tell me he’s playing for Campbelsville.

  2. you think he is great. He isn’t all that great because he goes to my school and he is 6ft. 9 not what you said he is on the varsity team at GRC in winchester Ky

  3. Ryan Grooms said

    Zollo isn’t worth two cents on a basketball court. He’s seriously a joke. He’ll never be a small forward and he’s way too much of a girl to play in the post with real men. i played him alittle last year as a sophomore. I’m only six foot one and I overpowered him badly. The cats really should look elsewhere for hlep to their disgraceful joke of the most historic college basketball program in the country. Zollo is zero help.

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