Late Web Wednesday Additions

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 7, 2008

* This just in: Jon Hood has committed to the Wildcats tonight and revealed that HE was the ‘mystery recruit’. Noted that he committed a month ago but wanted to keep it quiet because he had finals coming up and did not want the stress of everyone coming up to him. You can read the story on Catspause here. Hood becomes the second player from the 2009 class to commit to UK joining GJ Vilarino of Texas. Hood is the #39 prospect in the 2009 class but’s Jerry Meyer (Lead recruiting analyst for the #1 recruiting site in the nation) said in his article about Hood that he is “Presently ranked the No. 39 prospect in the class of 2009, Hood is knocking on the door of five-star status.”

** The second note is that JUCO guard Bobby Maze made the obvious choice and committed Tennessee today. While comparing UK and UT he said UT was like a ferrari and UK was only a Range Rover. Judging by that video I posted yesterday I did not want him anyway.


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