Recruiting Overview:2009

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 8, 2008

With all of the recruiting news that has been circulating around the UK program about scholarship offers, unofficial visits, and other things of the sort, I feel like I should catch everybody up on the players that Kentucky is after (Or players that are after Kentucky) for the 2009 class, and believe me folks there are a lot of them.


National Rating/Ranking





Other schools recruiting them

Derrick Favors 5-Star (#3 overall) PF/C 6’9″, 220 lbs. MEDIUM YES Georgia, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Kansas, Ohio State
John Wall 5-Star (#9 overall) PG 6’4″, 184 lbs. MEDIUM YES Memphis, NC State, Duke, Oklahoma State
Daniel Orton 5-Star (#11 overall) C 6’10”, 260 lbs. MEDIUM YES Florida, Ohio State, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma
Deshawn Painter 5-Star (#22 overall) SF/PF/C 6’9″, 210 lbs. MEDIUM YES Florida, Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Louisville
Peyton Siva 4-Star (#31 overall) PG/SG 5’11”, 165 lbs. MEDIUM NO Louisville, Arizona, Miami, Washington, Kansas
Mfon Udofia 4-Star (#36 overall) PG 6’2″, 180 lbs. MEDIUM YES Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Southern Cal, Virginia, Cincinnati, Florida
Jon Hood 4-Star (#39 overall) SG/SF 6’6″, 185 lbs. COMMITTED YES NONE
Avery Bradley 4-Star (#55 overall) SG 6’3″, 175 lbs. MEDIUM YES Arizona, California, Kansas, Southern Cal
Shawn Kemp Jr. 4-Star (#72 overall) PF/C 6’9″, 215 lbs. MEDIUM NO Nebraska, Clemson, South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Georgia
Shawne Williams 4-Star (#76 overall) SF/PF/C 6’7″, 215 lbs. MEDIUM YES Kansas, Texas, Iowa State, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Arkansas
Darius Morris 4-Star (#78 overall) PG 6’3″, 175 lbs. MEDIUM NO Michigan, Washington State, Southern Cal
GJ Vilarino 3-Star (Unranked) PG/SG 6’0″, 160 lbs. COMMITTED YES NONE

 That is alot of players to be scouting for one recruiting year. The gem of this group is obviously Derrick Favors, in my opinion, is the best player in the nation regardless of year. Favors is a beast on the boards along with in the post offensively and can block shots with the best of them. Realistically if I had to pick two players that I think we can land and are very good players they would be Shawn Kemp Jr. and Shawne Williams. Both will be in the top 50 most likely in the newest 2009 rankings and I think we are the leader for both players. Williams, in my opinion could become a 5-Star by this summer if not by the end of this year.


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