Arizona Cactus Classic: Michael Avery and other UK targets

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 10, 2008

UK’s most notable recruit as of now, Michael Avery, is competing in the Arizona Cactus Classic this weekend. He is playing for the Belmont Shores AAU team out of California. They have three total pool play games:

* Friday, 9:30 PM vs. FBC Perris
* Saturday, 11:20 AM vs. D-One Sports (Featuring John Wall, #1 PG of 2009 and J.T. Terrell, Top 20 player of 2010)
* Saturday, 1:40 PM vs. Northwest Panthers (Featuring Abdul Gaddy, #2 PG of 2009 and Avery Bradley, #11 SG of 2009)

-All game times are local time, since the tournament is in Arizona they are on Pacific time which is 3 hours behind us on the east coast.

-I will try to update is his progress through each game and will update on the tournament as much as I can.

-Follow THIS LINK to view the Official Program of the tournament.





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