UK targets in Arizona: Update #4, Tournament Wrap

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 11, 2008

Michael Avery was far below impressive in the Arizona Cactus Classic (ACC) this weekend. Avery only played in the first four games this weekend and the reason I believe why that is is that he just was not producing. Avery finished the tournament with 4 points and 3 rebounds overall and shot 40% from the field and missed his only free throw. It makes you wonder why Gillispie would give this kid a scholarship and not spend more time recruiting older guys that would help our program sooner. I understand you want to recruit younger guys but these kids have not developed at all so there is absolutely no way to tell how good they are going to be unless they are flat out dominating competition which Avery is not. Gillispie should be spending more time recruiting guys like Avery’s teammate Darius Morris, who had 15+ points in every tournament game but one. Morris is an unsigned junior and if he continues to play this way could really turn some heads at some more events. Morris was one of the best players for Belmont Shores (AAU team) all weekend and helped lead them to a 4-2 record in the event.

— Another player that UK is currently targeting that had a phenomenal weekend is 2009 guard Avery Bradley. Bradley does everything on the floor and is a coaches dream because he does everything with 100% effort and does not let an off shooting day or a couple turnovers affect him, he just works THAT much harder on the other parts of his game during the course of game/day. Bradley finished second in scoring at the ACC among all scorers with 24.7 points per game over the whole weekend. Bradley is not a great outside shooter so he found ways to score inside the arc. He has a pretty good mid range game but really excels near and in the paint with little floaters and layups, he is very good at finishing with contact. Bradley was one of the premiere defenders in the event, his length allowed him to shut every player he defended down except for John Wall, who can not be shut down. If Bradley is not playing well offensively he is going to make sure his man does not play well either, which is the attitude a player needs to have going into his college career. Gillispie needs to get on guys like Morris and Bradley and try to sign them.

— And then there is John Wall, easily the best player at the event all weekend. Wall is, in my opinion, the second best player in the nation behind Derrick Favors and Billy Gillispie needs to find as much free time as possible to go visit Wall and have him tour the campus. Wall is lightning quick with the ball and no one at the event could take it from him or prevent him from getting into the lane. Wall uses his speed and quickness to his upmost advantage by squeezing through defenders for layups and floaters, like Bradley, Wall can finish with contact very well. Wall finished the event fourth overall in scoring with 21.3 points per game and third in assists with 7.3 per game. Wall had at least 21 points in three games and 9 or more assists in two of their four total games. Wall should be the main target of Wildcat coaches for the next year, or whenever he decides on a college.

-The reason I did not make any updates on Peyton Siva is that a poster at found an article from the Louisville Courie-Journal in which Siva said he had no interest.
-Just to let everyone know the Houston Hoops won the event over the Compton Magic. Yay.


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