Hood moves up in new Rivals rankings, not much luck for Vilarino

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 14, 2008

* Jon Hood, the latest commit for the UK wildcats out of the 2009 class, moved up to #19 in the latest recruiting rankings by Hood had previously been #39 but many people suspected him to jump up the rankings after lead recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer said that Hood was looking like he belonged in the 5-star category with his play so far this year.

* GJ Vilarino, the first player in the 2009 class to commit to the Cats over one year ago, missed the cut as far as players in the updated rankings go. He was not listed among the top 150 today but kept his same 3-star rating. Vilarino needs a “Good improvement” on all parts of his game to be thrown around in the discussion according to Jerry Meyer.

* Because the rankings have come out we felt it necessary to update the list of players that UK is currently recruiting. We posted a RECRUITING OVERVIEW last week with all the targets as far as recruiting goes and now we will re-post the same overview just with the updated rankings and stars on them.


National Rating/Ranking





Other schools recruiting them

John Wall 5-Star (#1 overall) PG 6’4″, 184 lbs. MEDIUM YES Memphis, NC State, Duke, Oklahoma State
Derrick Favors 5-Star (#3 overall) PF/C 6’9″, 220 lbs. MEDIUM YES Georgia, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Kansas, Ohio State
Daniel Orton 5-Star (#8 overall) C 6’10”, 260 lbs. MEDIUM YES Florida, Ohio State, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma
Avery Bradley 5-Star (#17 overall) SG 6’3″, 175 lbs. MEDIUM YES Arizona, California, Kansas, Southern Cal
Jon Hood 5-Star (#19 overall) SG/SF 6’6″, 185 lbs. COMMITTED YES NONE
Peyton Siva 5-Star (#20 overall) PG/SG 5’11”, 165 lbs. MEDIUM NO Louisville, Arizona, Miami, Washington, Kansas
Shawn Kemp Jr. 5-Star (#25 overall) PF/C 6’9″, 215 lbs. MEDIUM NO Nebraska, Clemson, South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Georgia
Mfon Udofia 4-Star (#39 overall) PG 6’2″, 180 lbs. MEDIUM YES Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Southern Cal, Virginia, Cincinnati, Florida
Christian Watford 4-Star (#47 overall) SF 6’7″, 215 lbs. MEDIUM NO Alabama, Indiana, Louisville, Memphis, Missouri
Darius Morris 4-Star (#64 overall) PG 6’3″, 175 lbs. MEDIUM NO Michigan, Washington State, Southern Cal
Deshawn Painter 3-Star (#110 overall) SF/PF/C 6’9″, 210 lbs. MEDIUM YES Florida, Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Louisville
GJ Vilarino 3-Star (Unranked) PG/SG 6’0″, 160 lbs. COMMITTED YES NONE

* Obviously there was a lot of movement in the new top 150 that came out and it was interesting to see how many players that UK is scouting moved drasitcally. For example, Deshawn Painter moved from #22 all the way down to #110! That was the second largest drop by any player in the top 150

* John Wall, a player UK should basically be stalking, moved from #9 in the nation to the top spot overall based on his play in the Arizona Cactus Classic and tournaments prior to it. Wall is the first poinr guard in years to top Rivals top 150 list. Obviously there are going to be a couple more updates to the list but he apparently has a strong hold on the #1 spot right now.

* Avery Bradley, who I said in the Arizona Cactus Classic updates would move into the 5-star category, did just that by moving from #55 all the way up to #17 ahead of UK targets Peyton Siva (Who is not really looking at UK apparently) and Shawn Kemp Jr.

* And speaking of Shawn Kemp Jr. He moved from the mid 70’s to #25, the very last 5-star player. The point is Billy Gillispie must be a great scouting recruiter because he has been recruiting many of these guys since he got the job at UK and before many of them had made a name for themselves. When Gillispie started recruiting Kemp Jr. he was not on anyone’s rankings lists and now he has been dubbed to have possibly the best upside of any player in the 2009.

* The last thing I will go over is who UK has a chance of getting realistically for the 2009 class. I do not think UK will get John Wall, Derrick Favors, Daniel Orton, or Peyton Siva but there are a few players that I think have UK in their top 5 or so. I believe in the end UK will land Shawn Kemp Jr. His dad probably is saying good things about UK because, even though he got kicked out, he realizes it was his fault and he actually liked the school and facilities and what not but he just made a dumb choice.
-The other player that I think UK has a great shot at is Shawn Williams. Williams’ mother is from the Louisville area so even though he lives in Texas, going to UK would not be that far away from his family. Williams was the very first recruit that UK fans heard about once Billy Gillispie took over so the fact that we have been recruiting him through his growing process has to give us some good looks from Williams and his family.
-There are a couple players that I am not really sure about that I think UK might have a shot at and they are Avery Bradley and Mfon Udofia. Bradley was the player that I raved about in my Arizona Cactus Classic updates that played stellar throughout the whole tournament and got rewarded with a huge jump in the rankings that ultimately led to him getting a 5-star rating. Bradley is a great team player and a flat out phenomenal defender, he has a blue collar style but also has some flash, he can throw it down on you. Udofia is the player who played in the Prather Classic outside of Atlanta this past weekend and was pretty impressive. I have not seen a concrete list from Udofia regarding schools but I have to assume UK stands a pretty good chance amongst the likes of Georgia and Alabama.


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