UKmadness 2009 rankings, #25

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 17, 2008

Starting this saturday we here at UKmadness will be counting down our top 25 prospects from the 2009 class. We will be doing this every Saturday and Tuesday.

#25, Hollis Thompson – Committed to Georgetown

– Hollis Thompson is a good shooter, especially for his size. Thompson is 6’6″, 180 lbs. and plays the two-guard and small forward. Thompson does have and odd release, shooting for in front of his head, but he can shoot from pretty much everywhere. His shot did seem to need some improving over last summer and during the high school season but he has improved it alot which speaks about his dedication to the game.

– Thompson also has the one thing that many coaches value over everything else, potential. Thompson is a bouncy wing who has an overall skill package and if he can put all of those strengths into a single game and do it consistently he will be one of the top prospects in the nation. Thompson needs to improve on just a couple parts of his game but those couple things need alot of work. That is the reason I list potential as a positive, the things he needs improvement on definitely can be fixed so look for him to try to improve on them over the summer.

– One part of Hollis Thompson’s game that needs improving is his physical strength. This is a problem for many young players because they have not fully developed yet but at 6’6″ and only 180 lbs. Thompson needs to add some weight. For example, Kobe is 6’6″ and he is about 215 lbs. I know he is a future hall of famer but you know what I mean. Thompson seems to be reluctant to attack the basket because of his slim frame so bulking up would actually help expand his game as well as just making him stronger.

– The other part of his game that Thompson needs to improve on is his ballhandling. Thompson could be playing some shooting guard at Georgetown so he needs to improve his ballhandling so that the littler guards that will be defending him do not just take the ball from him. Thompson should not have much trouble improving this part of his game even though it does need alot of work because the players at Georgetown are known for being very good all around players because of the system they are in. The Princeton style system that John Thompson III runs forces the shooting guards and small forwards to be able to pass the ball well and to put the ball on the floor so Hollis Thompson should improve and adjust pretty easily.

Former Georgetown forward, and lottery pick, Jeff Green.

Rivals player page
Scout player page


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