Boston Advances!!

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 18, 2008

As I mentioned in an entry a couple days ago I am a very big Boston Celtics fan and WE WON TODAY!!!! I am a very happy camper right now. There are some things that I noticed during the game today that I should mention:

 – Paul Pierce is a frickin BEAST! He scored 41 points and hit two free throws that essentially helped ice the game for the C’s. Pierce took and made every big shot in the fourth quarter and played probably his best game of his career in the BIGGEST game of his career. Even with Ray Allen struggling Pierce stepped up and made shot after shot in LeBron James’ face.

– Speaking of LeBron, although he is one of my favorite players and one of the top two players in the league I could not help but notice that he has wayyy too many tatoos. I remember seeing LeBron when he came into the league, much skinner than now and he had only three or four tats, and they were all on his biceps, now he has at least 15 maybe even 20 of them and they span from his biceps, to his forearms, to his calfs, and even the back of his arms (Any doctor out there know what muscle that is?). Just take a look at these two pictures. The one on the left was taken when he was a rookie and the other one is from this season.

WHOAA!! But LeBron was a beast as well in the game but just could not close the deal. He got absolutely no help from his teammates in the game and missed a crucial free throw towards the end of the game that would have made it a three point game.

– Another thing that I noticed is that Marc Jackson is a great announcer. It is no coincidence that Jackson has been rumored in the Phoenix Suns job because he is a flat out smart guy with unbelievable knowledge of the game. Him and Jeff Van Gundy are maybe the best announcing tandem in the NBA, they obviously have chemistry and both compliment eachother perfectly.

– The last thing that I noticed is that BOSTON IS GOING TO THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!! Doc Rivers made some great substitutions down the stretch putting Eddie House and P.J. Brown in the game down the stretch and Brown made some great plays as well.


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