UKmadness 2009 rankings, #24

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 20, 2008

#24, Keith Gallon – Considering LSU, Oklahoma, UCLA, Kentucky, USC, Baylor

– Gallon is very strong, I mean very strong. Gallon is only 6’9″ but weighs an astonishing 290 lbs. Gallon is in the mold of a Glen “Big Baby’ Davis type player, although he does not just look like him, he plays like him. Gallon out muscles taller opponents with his great strength around his base, you will almost never see Gallon get out muscled in the post, just like you would never see Glen Davis get bossed around down low. Gallon does need to shed some of the weight but while he has it he is a tough guy to box out and to get position against.

– Gallon also finishes around the basket well for a man his size. You would think Gallon would get blocked because he is much shorter (6’9” is a generous height for him) than most of the opposing centers but, like I said in the first point, he uses his strength to get separation down low to prevent from getting blocked. Gallon is strong enough to draw contact and still finish so there is not a problem with him getting the ball in the basket once he has great position.

– The biggest negative by far for Gallon is his body weight. 290 lbs. is just too much to be carrying around for 40 minutes, even great college players like Glen Davis had to shed some of his treasured weight because he could not complete an entire game without getting too tired and he could not run up the court. Gallon does have light feet for his size like Davis but, also like Davis, is not good at all running up and down the court for consecutive possessions because he gets winded much too easily. Look for Gallon to lose a bunch of weight this summer and to jump in the updated rankings.

– The other glaring negative to Keith Gallon’s game is his mid range offense and defense. Gallon is pretty much a non factor on the offensive end once he gets out of the paint and when playing against big, strong centers like Tyler Hansbrough, Gallon would struggle mightly because he would no longer be able to force his way in the lane because he has lost his strength advantage. Gallon needs to improve his jumper to keep defenses off balance so they can not make him a one dimensional player.
Gallon’s perimeter defense needs work too, mainly because he is too slow to defend quicker players. Because of his lack of size and his great strength Gallon only really dominates undersized and weak players. Anybody quick or tall will handle Gallon relatively easily.

Former LSU center and current Boston Celtics power forward Glen Davis.

Rivals player page
Scout player page


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