Web Wednesday – 5/28/08

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 27, 2008

Recruiting Trail

– There has been a bit of confusion over where UK stands with the #1 player in the nation, John Wall. There have been a couple articles, one of which Wall was interviewed, that have some UK fans thinking they have a good shot to land the #1 prospect in the nation. The first article was written by a Charlotte, NC newspaper and interviewed Wall about his recruitment, he stated that Kentucky IS in his top schools but those who think that UK is in the lead probably think that because he has visited there twice. Although he never says UK is not in the lead this, to me, implies that we are not. In the other article, by the lead writer of the North Carolina Rivals site, says that the rumor is that Wall is favoring the Cats. This is not just some guy who is assuming either, this writer has been following Wall’s recruitment from the beginning because he lives in North Carolina and UNC is recruiting him.

– Word is coming out that Vinny Zollo, the rising sophmore, is considering a transfer to Clark County High School in Winchester, KY. Clark County High is only 20 miles from Lexington and right in the heart of Big Blue Country so UK fans could easily see him play and he could make a trip to see CBC any time he wants.

– is reporting that Tommy Mason-Griffin, a rising senior from Houston, has recieved a scholarship offer from UK. Mason-Griffin had a great tournament out in Arizona a few weeks ago and has been playing well ever since. Mason-Griffin is also contemplating a transfer to high school basketball power Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. Mason-Griffin is also considering Texas, Baylor, and Texas A&M.


Hunter McClintock in the Tournament of Champions in North Carolina this past weekend:

Christian Watford highlights from this past high school season:


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