UKmadness 2009 rankings, #22

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 28, 2008

#22, Shawn Williams – Considering Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Baylor, UCLA, Florida

– Shawn Williams’ biggest attribute is his veratility on the offensive end. Williams had been labeled as just a spot up shooter last season and through last summer but really has improved the other parts of his shooting to make him one of the more difficult matchups in the nation. Williams has been displaying his all around shooting ability throughout this summer on the AAU circuit so far, dominating in the post in some tournaments and still showing his very good shooting touch from deep.

– The other part of Williams’ game that is worthy of talking about is his rebounding. Williams averaged 7 rebounds a game last season from the small forward position, which is almost unheard of.very good for a wing player. Williams is very smart when rebounding because even though he usually has a height advantage on his man, he is usually rebounding against the power forwards and centers so he could not just out jump them because he is giving up size so he has to out smart the bigs around the basket which is something he does as well as any wing in the 2009 class.


– You might have noticed that the two positives I talked about were geared toward Williams’ offensive ability so it should come as no suprise that Williams’ biggest improvement must come on the defensive end. Preferabely with his on ball defense. For how tall and long Williams is he does not seem to be able to steal the ball and block shots very well. You would think that a guy that is 6’7″ who goes up against guys 3-4 inches shorter would tip alot of balls and pressure the opposition into turnovers with his length but that does not seem to be the case.

The player that Williams most compares to is a player that is only one year older than him and was also looking at UK, Chris Singleton. Both players are 6’7″ and both have complete and versatile offensive games. The weakness for both of them is their on ball defense although Singelton was more of a power forward in high school where as Williams plays small forward in high school.

Recent News on Williams

Williams worked on the perimeter and on the block and showed well on both ends of the floor, starting strong after a standout performance at the Real Deal on the Hill last weekend.

“I’m just doing my thing and playing hard. That’s how it goes,” said Williams following Friday’s performance. “We’re just having fun and getting ready for tomorrow when everything gets busy.”

Of course playing on his home court at Duncanville High School did not hurt. [read more]

Rivals player page
Scout player page


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