UKmadness 2009 rankings, #21

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 31, 2008

#21, Chrisitan Watford – Considering Indiana, Lousiville, Kentucky, Alabama, Memphis, Missouri

– The biggest positive in Christian Watford’s game has to be his shooting range. Watford has NBA ready range right now and has a surprising consistency in his jumper out to 25 feet. And when Watford is hitting his long range jumpers he can put points on the board in a hurry. In the King James Shootout in Akron, OH Watford poured in 38 points in a game against the D.C. Blue Devils AAU squad. Watford also uses his height to shoot over opponents so he has a great rhythm when shooting because he does not have to rush because he is taller and longer than just about every opposing guard he goes up against.

– The second positive in Watford’s game is just that, his height for his position. Watford stands at 6’7″ and plays shooting guard. Most 6’7″ kids in high school play power forward or center, and even in college and in the NBA there are players his height playing in the low post. Watford, like I said, uses his height to shoot over opponents and uses his overall size to just overpower opponents in the post. He has a game similar to Tracy McGrady in the sense that he uses his body to overpower opponents in the post and has a fluid all around offensive game.

– The major knock on Chrisitan Watford’s game is his ball handling. Watford does not have a tight handle on the ball for how good the rest of his ability, he is not as good at driving to the rim as he should be for how big he is because he does not control the ball easy enough. Watford must improve the ballhandling before he plays in college because if he does not improve his driving ability his weakness will be exposed and he will not reach his full potential. I compared Watford to Tracy McGrady earlier but McGrady has much better dribbling ability than Watford does. McGrady can easily get in the lane almost any time he wants and when being guarded by a quick guy Watford tends to struggle getting in the lane.

Despite what I just said Watford reminds me most of Tracy McGrady. Now I am not saying Watford is as good as McGrady was at this stage nor am I saying he will ever be as good as McGrady is but I think they share alot of similarities in their playing styles. Both have unlimited range and can hit a shot despite how good or badly the defender is playing them and both have a fluidity that you do not see very often. Both players are very good in the post offensively as well, Watford has really picked up this part of his game recently.

Recent News
M33M Ballers forward Christian Watford is having another strong weekend. The bigger and stronger forward from Alabama can rack up the points with the best of them. [read more]

Alabama forward Christian Watford will be completely honest in his own assessment of how he played in the all-important month of April. The 6-foot-7, 215-pound forward says he couldn’t have performed any better.

Watford shined with the M33M Ballers in Arkansas for the Real Deal on the Hill, the King James Shooting Stars and last weekend in Kansas for the Jayhawk Invitational.

“I think I did really good to be honest with you,” Watford said. “I’m a little bigger and stronger. I think that helped me out a whole that. I don’t think I could have had a better April. [read more]


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