UKmadness 2009 rankings, #20

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 4, 2008

#20, Brandon Paul – Committed to Illinois

– The best part of Brandon Paul’s game has to be his athletic ability. Paul is one of the premiere athletes in the 2009 class, and at only 6’2″ his athletic ability helps him make up for a lack of height. Because he is so athletic Paul is able to attack the rim with a purpose and is able to finish a great percentage of the time because he has the ability to hang in the air and the ability to adjust his shot mid-flight if need be. He is a bonifide scorer around the basket and is great at hitting tough shots around the basket.

– The other part of Brandon Paul’s game is something that I already touched on and that is his ability to just score. Paul has a scorer’s mindset when he has the ball, because whenever he has the ball his first thought is to score the basketball. Although he is not a bad passer Paul will usually look for his shot on a fastbreak and he will usually score. Paul is a rare type of player because even though he is only 6’2″ and plays shooting guard he goes strong to the basket and does not shy away from contact. When Paul drives the lane he forces the defender to either make a remarkable play or foul him and usually neither happens because he just scores.

– The biggest negative for Paul is one that he can not help, and that is his height. Paul is only 6’2″ and that might be great if he were a point guard but Paul prefers to play the shooting guard position rather than running the team. His game is modeled after a shooting guard as well, he is not a fabulous passer, has a shoot first mentality, and can score from all areas on the court. Paul needs to work on becoming an all around guard because the only guard his size or smaller that has succeeded in the NBA is Allen Iverson and no offense to Brandon Paul but he is not the next Allen Iverson.

The player in the NBA that Paul is closest to attribute wise is Golden State Warriors shooting guard Monta Ellis. I believe this is a good comparison because both players have point guard bodies but a shooting guard skill set, both players are phenomenal athletes, and both players have the same frame, 6’2″ 175 lbs. Although Ellis a bit taller and more athletic there are definite similarities in their games.


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