Web Wednesday – 6/11/08

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 11, 2008

Recruiting Trail

– The UK Elite Camp took place over the weekend in Lexington and supposedely there were some great turn outs. Daniel Orton, the #1 center in the country, showed up surprisingly even though he is hurt. This has to help UK’s chances that he decided to show up and probably gets the tour of the campus. Jon Hood was there as well and according to this post by Marc Maggard he played very well and was always in control on the floor. Also in that post by Maggard is a list of all the teams participating. Team 1 is loaded, they have GJ Vilarino, Jon Hood, Dominique Ferguson (Who is ultra-athletic according to Maggard), Covington Holmes standout Jerimiah Johnson, & Louisville Trinity star Josh Sewell (Both 2010).

Chrisitan Watford has recieved a formal scholarship offer from Billy Gillispie himself. He was offered face to face by Gillispie over the weekend at the Elite Camp and according to Marc Maggard Watford’s dad and Gillispie were really hitting it off, UK is supposedely leading for Watford’s services now.

Watford visited UofL and UK over the weekend and in this interview Jeff Drummond says that Watford seemed more upbeat when talking about his visit to Little Brother. Watford said his time in Lexington was good, though, saying “The facilities are nice and they treat their players really well. I think Coach G (Gillispie) does a good job with his players.” Watford went onto say that his team was very good and didn’t lose a game during the camp.

– In other recruiting news it’s official, Matthew Pilgrim is a Cat! According to this blog Pilgrim has signed to play for UK in 2010 and 2011 but will have to sit out this season but will get to practice with the team. Pilgrim played for Hampton University last season.

Cool Website Alert

– I was talking to a friend of mine earlier this week and he introduced me to this very cool website. It’s called and it is based on the idea of comparing sports legends from the past to the present stars. For example, in the NBA Sim league you have $42mil (I think) of cap room to pick 12 players from any year in NBA history and based on some crazy simulation software it actually simulates the games! You can multiple of the same player but from different years, so you could have 1995 MJ on your team along with 1988 MJ.



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