Kentucky Greats; Greatest Team – Tournament rounds begin!

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 16, 2008

Today marks the closing of the final Kentucky Greats decade as the 1990’s poll has closed. We will now be putting each of the winning teams into a bracket and then you will be voting on one matchup per week.

The first game is between the 1979 Wildcats and the 1946 Cats. The winner of this game will take on the infamous 1966 team that was defeated in the National Championship by Texas Western. Here is a breakdown of the game.

Point Guards
1979 Kyle Macy vs. 1946 Jack Parkinson

I don’t know much about Jack Parkinson other than he scored 851 career points and was the leader of the 1946 Kentucky Wildcats, but I know alot about Kyle Macy. Macy was the greatest scorer of the 1970’s for UK and was an All-American each of his three seasons in Lexington, including a 1st-Team naming as a senior. Macy also won the SEC Player of the Year as a senior at UK, he finished his career with over 1,400 career points and 470 assists, the only player in UK history to accomplish the feat. I think it is safe to say that Macy and the 1979 team win this matchup.
Advantage: Kyle Macy, 1979

Shooting Guards
1979 Dwight Anderson vs. 1946 Ralph Beard

Ralph Beard is considered one of the best UK Wildcat players in history by many who have either seen him play or heard stories from those who have, Beard’s 1,517 career points are more than any other player on either roster and it isn’t by accident. Beard was a three-time 1st team All-American but that was overshadowed by the point shaving scandal that got him banned from the NBA for life. But this tournament is not about life choices it is about how the players played in college, and he was great. Another easy one, no need to even talk about Dwight Anderson.
Advantage: Ralph Beard, 1946

Small Forwards
1979 Lavon Williams vs. 1946 Jack Tingle

Well, this is the matchup that might decide the game if these two teams were somehow able to really play, but this is a fan poll so it really doesn’t matter. Lavon Williams has a serious height advantage (6’6″ vs. 6’3″) and an athletic advantage, Jack Tingle never scored 300 points in a season, advantage Williams.
Advantage: Lavon Williams, 1979

Power Forwards
1979 Chuck Verderber vs. 1946 Wilbur Schu

Neither player made serious contributions to their squad, in fact Schu was on a football scholarship I believe and just played basketball. This one is a draw.
Advantage: Neither

1979 Chuck Aleksinas vs. 1946 Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones

Just Aleksinas’ name shows he isn’t a match for ‘ol Wah Wah Jones, Jones is a UK legend and Aleksinas just has a crazy name.
Advantage: Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones, 1946

1979 Joe B. Hall vs. 1946 Adolph Rupp

Advantage: Adolph Rupp, 1946

Well from this matchup overview it looks as though the 1946 team would win in a real game, but what do you think? Vote below on which team you think would win, vote today through next monday for the winner.


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