UKmadness 2009 rankings, #17

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 16, 2008

#17 – Jon Hood – Committed to Kentucky

– The first major positive in Jon Hood’s game is his perimeter shooting ability. Hood can shoot from everywhere on the court but he excels around the three point line and he is a deadly knock down shooter from around it. Hood is tall for his position (6’6″ SG) so he has no problem shooting over most of his opponents, which allows him to take his time while shooting the ball and to get in a rhthym. Hood averaged over 20 points per game because of his shooting ability on all areas on the floor.

– The other good thing about Jon Hood’s game is a two part answer: His size for his position and his athletisicm for his position. Hood overpowers smaller opponents with his height and overpowers many post players with his ability to get in the air and simply out jump them. Hood is very creative around the basket and is not afraid of contact around the rim although he is not the biggest guy on the court. Hood uses his height to his advantage very well because as I said he is not very muscular and strong so he has to find some sort of advantage and he chose his height.

– The shining negative in Jon Hood’s game is, as I mentioned before, his strength with and without the ball. Hood is 6’6″ but only 185 lbs. and if you look at the other top shooting guards in the nation they are almost all either heavier than Hood or shorter than him, Lance Stephenson is an inch shorter than Hood but still weighs 10 lbs. more than Hood does and Xavier Henry is 210 lbs. and is the same height as Hood. If Hood can bulk up either this summer or before the next high school basketball season starts he should see a nice rise in many rankings this summer and winter. Hood has said that he loves Kentucky’s weight room so lets see if he uses it to help his game over the next year or so.

The player that compares closest to Jon Hood in my opinion is Sacramento Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin. Like Martin, Hood is around the 6’6″-6’7″ range on height and both are at a slender 185 lbs. Both players are pure scorers and phenomenal knock down shooters. Like Martin, Hood uses his height to his advantage because even in the NBA there are not very many 6’6″ or so shooting guards in the league.


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