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1951 Wildcats vs. 1981 Wildcats

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 22, 2008

The votes are in for the first matchup and the winner was the 1946 Cats over the 1979 Cats. The 1949 team will now take on the 1966 Wildcats, who received a bye, in the second round.

Point Guards
1951 Frank Ramsey vs. 1981 Dirk Minnifield

This one is moderately close because of the fame of both players and the great teams each of them were apart of. Minnifield is still the most storied point guard coming out of high school in UK history, he was a Parade and McDonald’s All-American and was a consensus top 5 player in the country, not to mention he won Mr. Basketball in the state of Kentucky as a senior. Ramsey was apart of the 1951 National title team as well as being named a college All-American in each of his three seasons at UK. But you have to give the nod to Dirk Minnifield because he simply was a better point guard. He had more assists in two individual seasons than Ramsey had in his entire career, and he was a much better shooter from the field (Almost 20% better for his career) and from the line (10% better). Minnifield also was named All-SEC three tiimes.
Advantage: Dirk Minnifield, 1981

Shooting guards
1951 Bobby Watson vs. 1981 Jim Master

I believe that the 1981 team wins this matchup for many of the same reasons as the first one. Master was a far better shooter from all aspects of the court than Watson was and was a much more prototypical two-guard as well. Master was a better scorer, defender, and passer than Watson was as well, this one is not very close in my opinion because if you look at their stats Master has a clear advantage in just about every single category.
Advantage: Jim Master, 1981

Small Forwards
1951 Shelby Linville vs. 1981 Derrick Hord

The only reason why I would say Hord wins this matchup is because Linville was not a very productive player. The 1951 squad relied heavily on three or four main players and Linville simply was not one of them. And although the 1981 UK team had Sam Bowie on it they were very balanced in their scoring and playing style, so Hord still was a major factor.
Advantage: Derrick Hord, 1981

Power Forwards
1951 Cliff Hagan vs. 1981 Fred Cowan

Just to give you a little heads up this is the only player matchup that I think the 1951 team wins in this game. Hagan is unanimously considered one of the greatest Kentucky players in the history of the program while Fred Cowan is most likely only remembered by people who follow the program closely. Hagan was a two-time All-American in his three seasons and also made two All-SEC teams and he ranks in the top 10 in career scoring and rebounding at UK, one of the only a handful to accomplish that feat. This one is easy.
Advantage: Cliff Hagan, 1951

1951 Bill Spivey vs. 1981 Sam Bowie

Although Bill Spivey is still remembered by those who saw him play and even those who did not he does not compare to Sam Bowie. I mean Sam “Crazy Legs” Bowie was picked ahead of Michael Jordan in the draft! He must have been good. Bowie averaged over 17 points per game this season and was in the prime of his college and overall basketball career during this season. Bowie set career highs in many, and almost all, statistical categories during this season, including points, assists, blocks, steals, free throws made, and field goals made.
Advantage: Sam Bowie, 1981

1951 Adolph Rupp vs. 1981 Joe B. Hall

Stupid question.
Advantage: Adolph Rupp, 1951


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