Daniel Orton to Kentucky?

Posted by ibleedblue040 on June 26, 2008

According to a wall post on a newly formed Facebook group entitled “Daniel Orton – Make the University of Kentucky your home & become a legend!”. This poster promises to be the real Daniel Orton and some other people have claimed it is him because his network or something, I do not know. Anyway this is what he said

Hey, i promise this is the real Daniel Orton. i joined this group looking for help recruiting a few players to UK with me. John Wall, John Henson, Mason Plumlee and Terrence Boyd. I feel with atleast two of the guys along with me we can bring in the 8th national title to UK. John Henson and Mason Plumlee i know have already committed. Im working on pulling them out of that. I feel though with the UK fan support we can bring these guys all to Kentucky

That is pretty exciting if true because it looks like he has just about made his mind up and is now trying to get people to join in. For those who do not know John Henson is one of the top 10 players in the 2009 class and is committed to North Carolina andMason Plumlee is a top 50 player in the 2009 class and is committed to Duke. The other two are John Wall and Terrence Boyd and Wall is the #1 player in the class of 2009 and is considering the Cats, as is top 50 prospect Terrence Boyd.

This is just about impossible but if we could land Orton, Henson, and Wall to go along with Jon Hood and GJ Vilarino that would be the best class since the Michigan “Fab Five“.

More coming later…


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