UKmadness 2009 rankings, #12

Posted by ibleedblue040 on July 5, 2008

#12, Demarcus Cousins – Committed to UAB


– The best part of DeMarcus Cousins’ game has to be his offensive post game. Cousins already possesses an NBA ready set of post moves uncomparable by anyone else on the high school circuit. Cousins has very polished moves in the paint including a very good spin move on the block. Cousins has the ability to lull the defender to sleep by dribbling slowly and then he will suddenly spin the other way and he is right next to the basket for an easy layup or highlight dunk. Don’t think Cousins only shows these moves against lesser competition, he does the same moves in matchups with the best players including Georgia big man Derrick Favors.

– The other positive in DeMarcus Cousins’ game is probably just his overall feel for the game offensively. Cousins understands how big and strong he is compared to just about anyone on the court at a given time so he does not waste his time like some of his counter parts by shooting three-pointers and bringing the ball up the court. Instead, he gets good position down low and simply overpowers smaller opponents and outmanuevers players similar to him in size. Cousins has a very good face up game for his size which is a very good thing. Teams cannot afford to just guard him within five feet of the basket anymore, because he has a very reliable jumper out to about 12-13 feet. If teams do not guard him out there he will shoot, if they do he will blow by them and dunk, pick your poison.


– The only glaring weakness in DeMarcus Cousins’ game is his defense. For a guy Cousins’ size (6’9″ 250 lbs.) he is not a very intimidating player on the defensive end. Cousins has the length and size to simply domintate the paint defensively but has not seemed to realize his potential on the defensive side of the ball. Cousins definitely shows signs of brilliance at times but has not been able to put up tournament long spurts of great defense. Until he does that he cannot be considered a very elite player.


The player that compares most to DeMarcus Cousins would have to be Minnesota Timberwolves center Al Jefferson. The obvious similarity is the fact that both players are unbelievably big, both standing around 6’9″-6’10” and weighing around 260 lbs. But also both players are monsters around the basket offensively, scoring at will when they have good position against the defender. But both also struggle at times defensively. Al Jefferson only averaged 1.5 block per game last season, that is not good enough for a guy with his size and length, the same goes for DeMarus Cousins. Both players have the tools to be 2-3 bpg guys but neither seems to be able to do it.


NOTE: We skipped #13 because it was Greg Echinique and he has classified to the 2008 class.


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