Web Wednesday – 7/9/08

Posted by ibleedblue040 on July 9, 2008

Recruiting Trail – AAU edition

– Well the most anticipated long weekend of summer AAU basketball is coming to a close today with the LeBron James Nike Camp wrapping up today and the adidas Take 5ive Classic ending yesterday. In this edition of Recruiting Trail we will be discussing how some of the major UK targets and commits performed.

* Jon Hood (Committed, 2009) – From all accounts that saw him play at the LeBron James Camp Hood played a very solid few days of basketball. Many people agree that he did not show off his total package offensively because on many occasions he was reluctant to shoot the basketball in situations many would have, but Hood distributed the ball very well while running the point for spurt at a time. Hood did not get caught up in jacking up shots because the dead period just ended and players are now being exposed to top notch coaches and scouts because, well, he is already committed and he does not care enough about rankings to try to hurt his team to improve his. Hood still showed his brilliant and always reliable jump shot many times to go along with his rapidly improving passing skills. Hood has been quoted as saying that Billy Gillispie wants him to play some point guard at UK so he is getting prepared for that.

* Daniel Orton (UK is leader, 2009) – Orton played in the LeBron Camp this week and he played like, well, the beast that he is. Orton was, as always, too physically gifted to be contained on the blocks and scored at will against every team and player he faced. Orton certaintly did not hurt his rankings and ratings with his performance this week, in fact he probably boosted them.

* John Wall (UK is in top 4, 2009) – Wall once again proved why he is considered the top point guard, and by some the top player, in the country. Wall is just too quick and too athletic for other point guards to handle him. Wall hits the jumper when he is wide open so “Rondo-guarding” him is not an option, but when you get too close it is over as well. Wall is considered a Memphis lean but is also considering UK, Baylor, and Oklahoma State.

* Dominique Ferguson (Committed, 2010) – Ferguson played in the adidas Take 5ive Classic on sunday and played brilliantly. He was the best player on the court in both of the games he played and was an athletic dynamo as well. Ferguson showed flashes of why he is considered a top 10 player by all scouts and once he puts it all together for full games instead of spurts he will be top 5. Ferguson only played sunday because of summer school but really played well.

* Harrison Barnes (UK is in top 5, 2010) – Barnes is probably the fastest rising player in the nation and for good reason. Barnes is ranked 6th nationally by in their latest rankings and with his performance at the LeBron Camp it looks as though he might rise. Barnes was ranked #1 at LeBron camp by Louisville-based recruiting scout Clark Francis among all players, which included John Wall, Xavier Henry, and DeMarcus Cousins to name a few. Barnes is a smooth small forward with college ready shooting ability and size, if he gets a bit stronger there will be no stopping him. UK has yet to offer a scholarship to him but many believe they will wait for Gillispie himself to offer. Barnes is from Iowa so it is believed that the in-state schools have an advantage but could easily be out-recruited.

* Josh Smith (UK is in the mix, 2010) – Smith is the 2010 cross between Keith “Tiny” Gallon and Daniel Orton. He is about 6’10” 270 lbs.. Smith, like Orton had his way throughout the whole tournament because of his strength. When he gets position you might as well put two points on the board because getting around him is almost totally out of the question.

– 2009 shooting guard Terrence Boyd announced this weekend that UK is his leader. He is rated top 50 nationally but grades could be his downfall. He is in serious need of academic help and even with help it looks as though he may not qualify. He did not even play the high school season last year because of grades.

Other Notes

– UKmadness will be coming out with the mid early July recruiting rankings some time this week so be ready for those. We will also be updating them in late July or early August.

Be sure to post on the UKmadness message board here.


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