New UKmadness Rankings are up!

Posted by ibleedblue040 on July 10, 2008

The UKmadness 2009 and 2010 rankings have been updated and now everyone can see them (


Biggest Risers
There are a couple players that rose high in the 2009 version of the UKM rankings. One of those players is Wally Judge, a Kansas State commit, who has lit up the summer AAU circuit so far this year. Judge worked out with Michael Beasley in June and it looks like Judge picked up a few things because he is finally putting together long stretches of good performances.




Another player that soared in the updated rankings is Clemson pledge Milton Jennings. Jennings has played well all AAU season long, from spring to summer, and has improved tournament to tournament as well as any player on the circuit.

There were a couple players that rose in the 2010 rankings as well. The first is obviously UK target Harrison Barnes. Barnes went from only being known in Iowa this high school season to a top 10 recruit that every school is after. Barnes played as well as anybody at the LeBron James U.S. Skills Camp this past weekend and he is over a year younger than many of the other players. Barnes has the full arsenal of moves and shots on the offensive end and is an improving defensive player too.

Another player that rose dramatically is Roscoe Smith. Smith did not play in the early AAU season because he chose to work out with a trainer and coach to become a better player himself. Smith is now lighting up opponents with his ever improving jump shot and his deadly athletic ability. Watch for him over the next couple of years.

Biggest Fallers

There were a couple players in each class that either fell dramatically or fell from one of the top spots nationally. In the 2009 class the biggest fallers were Latavious Williams and Dexter Strickland. Williams fell because he just was not performing at all in any major events or against any resemblence of competition. He is not worthy of the #14 overall ranking that he had before the update. Strickland has played pretty well in all the events but just has not been the stellar player you are looking for in a top 20 player. He fell from #18 to #32.

In the 2010 class the big fallers were Trae Golden and J.T. Terrell. Golden’s fall is understandable, he is making the transition from off guard to point guard and he is having his fair share of bumps along the way. Golden is improving after every event with his distribution of the ball and his shot is coming back. He will climb the ranks next time most likely. Terrell fell because, well, he is not playing in high school with John Wall anymore. During the high school season teams were so concerned with Wall’s abilities that Terrell went relatively unnoticed, now that every player is good he is being targeted and is not performing up to top 20 standards.


One Response to “New UKmadness Rankings are up!”

  1. Marcus said

    Dexter Strickland has been injured and had to pull out of a lot of events.

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