UK news and notes

Posted by ibleedblue040 on December 5, 2008

– First off, good to hear that Ramon Harris has been released from hospital after suffering a scary injury to his neck. He is listed as day-to-day, but I would not expect him to be in action saturday vs. Miami (FL). Michael Porter seems to be in a bit better shape after his injury caused him to get 10 stitches, he should play against Miami (FL), unfortunately.

– I thought Coach Gillispie handled the DeAndre Liggins situation perfectly, and not because Liggins basically led us to victory over West Virginia the day after his tantrum, but because it is understandable that he was upset and in my opinion he had every right to be. I’m sure Liggins understands why he got some extra “gifts” in practice this week after his reaction. I would start him over Porter saturday if I were Gillispie.

Miami (FL) star Jack McClinton


– I expect that Cats to win this weekend at home against Miami (FL). After watching Miami’s first national game vs. Ohio State earlier this week I do not think they should beat us or even come close. Although they played the majority of the game without their skilled, yet easily angered, guard Jack McClinton (left) they still did not look impressive. UK has gone just about every game with Patterson on the bench due to consistent foul trouble and we have already beaten two teams that went to the NCAA tournament a season ago. I expect Patterson to have an enormous game, about 25 pts and 11 rebs.

– The starting lineup for UK-Miami SHOULD be:


With Stevenson, Galloway, Stewart, and Porter coming off the bench. I am assuming of course that Harris is not going to play, in which case he should come off the bench at SF.


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