Kentucky @ Alabama: Preview

Posted by ibleedblue040 on January 24, 2009

Kentucky comes into today’s matchup with Alabama winning 10 of 11 games and 15-4 (4-0) on the season. Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson have dominated opponents by combining for over 45 ppg this season, the second best duo in the nation scoring wise.

Alabama has not been as lucky, their most recognized player, Ronald Steele, has left the team for, really, unknown reasons. The Alabama sports department claims it was injury-related while Steele denies that report.


There is one area that Kentucky has struggled heavily at in their losses, three point shooting. Kentucky shoots nearly 36% on the year from behind the arc, but in their four losses they have shot a combined 21% (14/67) from the land of three. Obviously Jodie Meeks is the key from the three point arc but UK really will need someone else to step up and help lighten the load that Meeks will have to carry. Odds are Meeks will be the focus of much of the Bama defense so there will definitely be some opportunities for other players to step up.

Kentucky also needs to lessen the turnovers that they commit. Kentucky is last in the conference, and one of the worst in the nation, at turning the ball over so it is key that they don’t throw their way out of the ball game.

When all is said and done I think UK will leave Tuscaloosa with a 76-59 win. Alabama just does not have enough offense to score consistently on the best defensive team in the SEC. DeAndre Liggins and Michael Porter must play a solid game offensively and especially defensively and I believe that they will.


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