Calipari to UK picking up steam?

Posted by ibleedblue040 on March 29, 2009


John Calipari

John Calipari



With the list of coaches being courted by UK, or supposedly being courted, growing by the day it still appears that John Calipari has the job if he wants it. The fans obviously want him, there are already websites devoted to bringing him to Lexington and a Facebook group started this morning already has nearly 5,000 members including Calipari’s own daughters and #1 center in the nation DeMarcus Cousins. According to a message board (Obviously some issues on validity) there is supposed to be a meeting between Calipari and UK this wednesday in Lexington. Word is that Calipari would want to be the highest paid coach in America which would be asking around $4.5 million per year.

It also appears that, if Calipari were to accept the job, that the #1 player in the nation, 6’4 PG John Wall, would join him at UK because he loves Calipari and has already named Memphis his leader. Cousins appears to be possible as well; He has committed to Memphis because of the NBA-type program Calipari runs and because of his relationship with the coach. But unlike most players in America, Cousins has yet to sign his Letter of Intent, meaning he could easily de-commit and join Calipari in Lexington. That would mean two of the top three players in the nation wearing Blue and White. One question that would arise out of this whole situation is which of the recruits currently signed would back out and look around? If Cousins were to come it appears likely that 5-star center Daniel Orton would shop around and probably end up in the Big 12. Jon Hood appears likely to stay because of the still thin line at small forward and because of his public love for the Wildcat program. GJ Vilarino would probably leave along with JUCO PG Konner Tucker.

If the following above were to happen – cross your fingers! – then this would be a realistic look at our lineup for next season:

PG John Wall. Fr.
SG Jodie Meeks. Sr.
SF Darius Miller. So.
PF Patrick Patterson. Jr.
C   DeMarcus Cousins. Fr.


PF Matt Pilgrim. So. (RS)
SF Jon Hood. Fr.
SF Ramon Harris. Sr.
PG DeAndre Liggins. So.
PG Kevin Galloway. Sr.
PF Perry Stevenson. Sr.
PF Josh Harrellson. Jr.
PG Michael Porter. Sr.

To me that looks like a Final Four lineup.


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