Kentucky Prospects Update: Derby Festival Classic

Posted by ibleedblue040 on April 11, 2009

The only two players to have signed their Letter of Intent this year both played tonight in the Derby Festival Classic in Louisville, Ky. Here are the notes UKmadness collected while attending the game.

  • Daniel Orton seemed to play as if he were disinterested or with any sense of purpose tonight. Yes it was an all-star game but many of the players seemed to be enjoying themselves more than he was and were trying noticeably harder. Orton showed off his elite finishing ability by doing many spins into dunks and finishing with authority many times. He also will be a Patrick Patterson-type player in terms of his hands, not many balls are thrown in his direction that he does not catch.
  • Jon Hood played very well in the game. Hood showed off his array of offensive moves as well as his uncanny ability to pass from all situations. He passes very well in transition, in a crowd, and always makes the right pass. Hood is one of the more fluid players I have seen in some time. He has a flawless jump shot and finishes well with both hands. Hood’s only shortcoming seems to be on the defensive end where he seems to be about one step behind.
  • Eric Bledsoe, a Kentucky recruit, also played very well. Bledsoe is built like someone who is on the football field but has the sort of finesse game that is necessary for the top level. Bledsoe does not play finesse all the time though, he is a bull around the rim and is the best finisher from the point guard spot I saw tonight. He can dunk with ease even though he is only 6 foot which surpised me and he picked the pocket of a number of players as well. He is  a very good ‘backup plan’ for John Wall.
  • Nolan Dennis was disappointing tonight. He played perhaps the least amount of minutes out of anybody and his perimeter jump shot looked horrid. I will give him some what of a mulligan because it was an all-star game but he did not impress. He was sloppy with the basketball, and actually airballed a jump shot.

Stay tuned to UKmadness, later tonight or tomorrow we will have a Prospects Update from the Nike Hoop Summit, including a Xavier Henry school list.


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