Kentucky Prospects Update: Nike Hoop Summit

Posted by ibleedblue040 on April 12, 2009

John Wall: Down to Kansas, UK, Duke, UNC, NC State, & Miami

John Wall: Down to Kansas, UK, Duke, UNC, NC State, & Miami

Xavier Henry: Down to Kansas, UK, and Memphis

Xavier Henry: Down to Kansas, UK, and Memphis

DeMarcus Cousins: Future Wildcat

DeMarcus Cousins: Future Wildcat

The 2009 Nike Hoop Summit was played tonight in Portland, Oregon and many of the UK prospects played and played well.

  • DeMarcus Cousins probably played the worst out of the bunch but still showed glimpses of why he is rated a topo 5 prospect in the nation. Cousins has an NBA-type game, meaning he has matured passing abilities and has a rare combination of inside and outside abilities. Cousins used his pure strength to muscle his way to the rim a couple of times, but besides that he did not seem to be involved scoring wise too much. He displayed many high-low passes that would have been really brought to the fore front under Billy Gillispie, but can still be utilized by Coach Calipari.
  • Xavier Henry showed his elite scoring ability tonight, leading the game in scoring overall.  Henry probably has the most diverse offensive game amongst all high schoolers in the U.S., although Avery Bradley could probably make a case, by showing off his slashing abilities, mid range jump shot, and super silky three point shot. Henry has a quick release as well, making it very difficult to block, and he is able to beat his defender off the dribble if played too closely. Henry named off his school list at halftime, listing Kansas, Kentucky, and Memphis as the only three left for his services.
  • John Wall played by far the best of anyone on the U.S. team, and probably should have won MVP even in a losing effort. Wall displayed his ability to get into the lane literally any time he wanted and showed off his fastbreak game, which is second to none. Wall showed that he is also a lockdown defender when he sets his mind to it, and was able to finish with contact many time. Wall also is the next coming of Dominique Wilkins because he too is a human highlight film. Wall had one play where he stripped the ball from a lackadasical World player, went left to right on a behind-the-back dribble, and then crossed to his left and proceeded to whip a behind-the-back pass to a teammate for a layup. He also had a sick double pump dunk in transition.

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  1. cory amos ashley said

    come on wall…we need a point gaurd SOOOOOO bad, we aint had agoodone since…i cant remeber…comedown to blue country where you are more than welcome…and bring henry with ya…

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