Five Reasons For Patterson To Return

Posted by ibleedblue040 on April 28, 2009

Patterson: Is he going to return?

Patterson: Is he going to return?

Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks have kept their names in the NBA Draft for over two weeks now. Many people are speculating that both of them will make their decision to return to school or stay in the NBA Draft in the given days or weeks. Consensus remains that Jodie Meeks will probably pull his name out of the draft and return to Kentucky to recieve tutelage from one of the best guard coaches in the nation in John Calipari, who could really help Meeks improve on his game in areas in which he is weak. But Patrick Patterson is different.

Many believe that Patterson may stay in the draft because of the risk of injury he could sustain in what is being widely considered his final season in college regardless, or because some teams have told him he IS readyy. But here are some reasons to stay:

  1. The first one is pretty obvious. John Calipari is known for getting players to the league, and for players like Patterson, someone who is already going to the league with or without Cal, Calipari can help his stock rise into a potential lottery pick lock.
  2. The second reason is simply because he loves college. Patterson has always stated that he loves UK, loves the campus, and loves the college life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the most popular person (Well, maybe second thanks to Calipari) in the nation’s most insane basketball city?
  3. The third is for his parents. It is being reported that Patterson is on track to graduate in three years. Which would mean, by returning, he could get his degree along with playing the game he loves so much.
  4. The fourth is perhaps the most important to Patterson and to the UK fans. Patterson stated when he signed with UK that he wanted to contend for a national title before he left campus, and he has a serious chance to do that if he returns next season. If Patterson were to return it would help UK’s chances with prep superstar John Wall, and with that kind of tandem coming along with Meeks, Miller, Hood, Orton, Dodson, Cousins, and Pilgrim UK could have themselves a top 5 preseason ranking.
  5. The fifth and final reason Patterson should return to school is simple. He may just not be ready. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with number one but it’s a bit different. Patterson is going to the league either way, BUT he may not be a serious first-round consideration if he came out this season. He may need one more year regardless of if he gets better or not because there are some scouts that need answers. ‘Can he play an entire season without injury?’, ‘Can he hit the mid-range jumper in his sleep?’, ‘Is he mentally strong enough for the NBA?’. All of those questions can be aswered with one more year in Lexington.

2 Responses to “Five Reasons For Patterson To Return”

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  2. ksanders7 said

    I can only hope any one of those reasons is enough to get Patterson and Meeks to come back, especially #4! If they come back, and Coach Cal adds a certain #1 PG, it becomes a serious possibility. Calipari could definitely help them take their game to the next level. All 3 of them! Go Big Blue!

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