Web Wednesday: 4.29.09

Posted by ibleedblue040 on April 29, 2009

Week News

Some news since last wednesday:

Rumor Mill

  •  One rumor floating around is that both Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks are going to return to school and if they do it looks like John Wall will follow. Wall wants to win a title in his only season in college and with Meeks and Patterson coming back that can happen.
  •  Another rumor is that AJ Stewart will be leaving the team, along with Donald Williams. AJ seems to be the odd-man out in the scholarship situation.

Former Faces

A lot of former UK players are being discussed in the NBA recently. Rajon Rondo has had perhaps the best postseason of any player in the league, averaging 24-10-10 in the playoffs, and yes that’s a triple-double. But in the last 12 hours it has been his slap across the face of Brad Miller that has been keeping him in the news.

Tayshaun Prince has been a staple in the Detroit Pistons starting lineup for 6 full seasons but it appears his may be on his way out. Mass turnover of the Pistons roster is due to go down this summer and Tayshaun looks like he may be one to go.

It looks like Chuck Hayes is getting some recognition. Hayes seems to be the best at defending Blazers big man LaMarcus Aldridge, helping the Rockets control the Blazers.


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