John Wall Commits, Makes Wildcats a Contender

Posted by ibleedblue040 on May 19, 2009

With the announcement of prep superstar John Wall committing to the University of Kentucky, the Wildcats have reeled in their fourth five-star recruit and have two four-star recruits coming in as well.

Coach John Calipari has already displayed his second-to-none recruiting style and now has to finish the job by winning and winning big.

Across the Internet Tuesday morning, media members have been crowning this Kentucky recruiting class as the best of all-time and one of the best collection of talents in sports’ history.

Calipari has a tough job ahead of him. Not in the sense that he needs to find players to step up, because that won’t be a problem. Calipari is going to have trouble containing all these players to their designed roles because of the superstar tags each of them are coming in with.

Don’t get me wrong, as a member of the Big Blue Nation, I strongly hope Calipari can handle the pressure and make this work, that is why he became the highest paid coach in college basketball history, but the odds are lower than one might think.

The great Michigan “Fab Five” of the early 90s proved to be a bust. Five players ranked in the top 100 nationally, three of which were top 10 talents, that could not win a national title in two seasons seasons together.

But unlike the Michigan “Fab Five”, this team returns stellar players as well. Perhaps two of the top 10 returning players in the nation next season will be wearing Kentucky blue if Jodie Meeks joins Patrick Patterson in Lexington.

The Michigan team had relatively no leadership returning and started five freshmen, something this UK squad will not do once.

It is hard to deny Kentucky’s immediate place among the top five nationally after a signing of John Wall’s caliber. Many experts believe he is better at this stage of his career than both Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, two superstar point guards under Calipari at Memphis.

The Wall commitment makes Kentucky the favorite to win the national title and gives them their top recruit in school history. Wall will be the best point guard to ever step foot in Lexington, even better than current Boston Celtics star Rajon Rondo.

Wall has the potential to score 20 points every game and dish out 10+ assists on any given night.

This UK team will be the deepest team in America, as well. Ramon Harris, a senior, was a starter on last season’s Wildcat team and may be the worst player on the upcoming team. That is not a slight to him at all, he’s a lock down defender and a great leader, but a testament to what may happen next season.

I do believe that UK will be a top five team throughout all of next season, but some fans are taking this too far.

Just remember that this will be a relatively young team, and with that should come reasonable expectations.


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    Looking good for UK. I added you to my blog roll at I hope you dont mind

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