July 2011 Recruiting Preview

Posted by ibleedblue040 on July 10, 2009

With already a couple major summer events concluded it is time to look at the top juniors-to-be from across the nation that have interest in Kentucky.

G/F Michael Gilchrist 
Gilchrist is widely considered the best player in the nation regardless of class and age. Although he is stil 15 years of age, Gilchrist has one of the most developed and mature games in the high school ranks.

He can dominate on both ends of the floor and gives great effort at all times, two things rarely seen from kids before college.

Gilchrist won the Best Prospect award at the NBA Players Camp and was one of the most impressive players at the King City Classic in Akron, Ohio.

Many people feel that Gilchrist is a lock for Kentucky but that has been denied by Gilchrist and his family. It does appear, however, that Kentucky along with Villanova has a definite advantage for the consensus #1 player in the 2011 class.


PG Marquis Teague
Fresh off a stellar performance at the King City Classic, Marquis Teague has firmly established himself as the #1 point guard in the nation, topping Austin Rivers and Tony Wroten Jr.

Teague, once thought to be a Louisville lock, has added Kentucky to his list after news broke that he recently got a scholarship offer from the Cats.

Teague is similar to his older brother Jeff, a first-round pick of the Atlanta Hawks, in that he is loaded with athleticism and can get to the rim at will.



F/C Johnny O’Bryant

O’Bryant has claimed a spot amongst the top post players in the nation with his finishing ability and freakish athleticism. O’Bryant is in the mold of a shorter Amar’e Stoudemire because he has not yet developed a consistent jump shot, similar to Stoudemire at the same stage , and can dunk on anyone at any time.

O’Bryant has stated that Kentucky is among his top five schools along with teams like Memphis and Mississippi State.


One Response to “July 2011 Recruiting Preview”

  1. Michael will be near the top of many lists in the future. The effort he puts into the game every time out is rare for such a young prodigy. I haven’t seen him coast in 2 years on the high school level, even against and overmatched opponent.

    UK has a real shot but so does Nova. It should be interesting. Ryan

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