The Josh Selby Saga

Posted by ibleedblue040 on July 22, 2009

After deciding to decommit from Tennessee less than one week ago, Josh Selby has been the talk of the basketball recruiting world.

Not only is he an elite talent, capable of being a program changing combo guard, but speculation has it that he backed out of his Tennessee commitment for more reasons than you may think.

Many kids reopen their recruitment because they fear they will not get enough minutes or more prestigous programs begin recruiting them, but neither is a problem for a world class player like Selby. Tennessee insiders say that Selby will most likely choose a school that has a Nike sponsorship, rather than the Adidas sponsored Tennessee program.

Many Tennessee fans have called out Selby for not following his heart and simply being a whipping boy for a multi-billion dollar athletics company.

The schools that seem to have an immediate edge according to people with knowledge of the Tennessee program are Kentucky, Memphis, and Duke, three schools that are all sponsored by Nike.

Once again John Calipari has been singled out as being a dirt cheater who made a few phone calls to Nike to let Selby know it would be in his best interest to decommit. But this theory has been shot down.

The involvment of Kentucky in Selby’s recruitment seems to be unknown at this point. Selby is an unbelievable player who will eventually choose one of the top-notch programs from across the nation, but with UK looking at many point guards for their 2010 class it appears, unless Selby were to make it known he is ready to commit before any of the Cats’ point guard options, that he will not be suiting up for the Wildcats.


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