Kentucky to #1 news, notes, and more

Posted by ibleedblue040 on January 19, 2010

With the Texas loss at #9 Kansas State last night, it appears—with a win saturday vs. Arkansas—that Kentucky will move up to the #1 ranking next monday when the rankings are released. What John Calipari has done is obviously remarkable, on the verge of being the first coach to lead two different teams to the #1 overall ranking in consecutive seasons, and he has shown to merge egos as well as skills together in incredible fashion.

If Kentucky is able to beat the Razorbacks this weekend here are some interesting stats by UK while ranked #1:

– Kentucky is 153-23 (.869) all time when ranked #1
– Kentucky has lost 2 of their past 5 games when ranked #1, the last one being to a junior by the name of Dwyane Wade
– Kentucky has lost by double digits in each of their last 5 losses at #1

On other news here is a great blog by’s Andy Katz disccusing UK possibly moving to #1 and Calipari’s conversation with coaching legend John Wooden


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