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About UKmadness

UKmadness is a fan-site devoted to the University of Kentucky Wildcats sports department. Here at the UKmadness Blog I talk about the latest UK rumors (Web Wednesday), update the viewers on recruiting news (Recruiting Trail), and any updates that go on with the blog (Blog Update).

This blog was started in December, 2007 in hopes of UK fans choosing this site to get all of their UK sports updates, the views are growing by the month so the blog is becoming more and more popular.


One Response to “About UKmadness”

  1. Jeff Harrison said

    The weather here in Miami cannot compair with the sun that shines over Lexington. As one who has “Bled Blue” for the last fifty (50) years, I found myself on a roller coaster ride of emotions as I witnessed the turn of events unfold over the last twelve (12) months.

    As an NCOIC Marine Recuiter serving in Kentucky, I had the honor of working with a dear friend, and fellow Marine Brother, “Bill Keightley . Under Bill’s guidence we were given the Honor of bringing Marine Corps recuits to UK practice. These young men and women were on the way to Parris Island for recruit training. Many thanks go to Coach Sutton and Coach Pitino for supporting Marine Corps recruiting efforts.

    On more than one occasion we were permitted to present the UK basketball Team with a special Commandant of the Marine Corps Superior Athelete award. These visits were great motivational tools for our young men, and women in route recruit training.

    For those fellow “Blue Bloods” that may not be aware of Bill’s experiences as a Marine in the Pacific during WWII, I would ask that you visit the official U.S Marine Corps web site

    Bill fought and survied in the Bloodiest Battle of the Pacific … Tarawa …

    I look forward to the the next two (2)years with great excitment and hope … Good Luck Coach Calipari … Semper Fi

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